Welcome to Nail Notes, a rapidly growing blog that started off about natural nail care, tutorials and non-toxic polish and products. But has since turned into a blog all about natural skincare! This is because the most common questions I get asked is "What do you use on your skin"? and "Why don't you have any wrinkles"?

I think educating ourselves on the ingredients lists and labels on our beauty products is compulsory for a healthy life. Spending most of my life in front of the camera I had to take avid care of my skin. Shooting in tropical locations was fun, but wearing toxic makeup on my skin constantly was not. Most beauty products did not agree with my sensitive skin so I had to school myself on ingredient labels as a teenager to make sure my skin stayed flawless!  

How do I keep my skin looking so healthy in my 40's? Well, I don't spend thousands on cosmetic treatments, I don't have botox or fillers, I just found the right organic ingredients and products for my skin type. To me, the best skincare can be found in nature. I love helping and inspiring women to improve the health of their skin by reading labels and choosing beauty products. 

Thanks for visiting!