About Me

Spending most of my life in front of the camera I had to take avid care of my skin. Posing on tropical  beaches was beautiful, but wearing toxic makeup on my skin constantly was not! Most beauty products did not agree with my sensitive skin so I had to school myself on ingredient labels as a teenager to make sure my skin stayed flawless!

As women, I believe we need to educate ourselves on our individual skincare needs and be very aware of the ingredients in our beauty products. As so much of it can be aging! I started writing this blog because women always ask me how I keep my skin looking so healthy in my 40's. And the truth is, I don't spend thousands on cosmetic treatments, I just found the right organic ingredients and products for my skin type. To me, the best skincare can be found in nature.

I've been helping my friends and family find non-toxic skincare and even better, make their on skincare using all natural ingredients for years. The more we know about our own skin types, the better we can understand how to treat particular skin issues without having to rely on a professional.

I write about all things beauty and non-toxic. Especially scientifically proven ingredients found in nature that can regenerate and heal the skin. In a perfect world I use sustainably sourced, naturally derived, non-toxic products only!

Thanks for visiting!