Friday, July 20, 2018


This Tiny Seed Packs A Powerful Nutritional Punch

Flax is one of the richest sources of plant-based omega-3 fatty acid, called Alpha-Linolenic Acid(ALA). Which supports skin health by decreasing skin cell inflammation & promoting cell regeneration.

Flaxseed has been around for thousands of years. Believed to have been cultivated in Mesopotamia as early as 4500 BCE, it was a common crop used in the production of nets, cloth, linseed oil and even pharmaceuticals. Fibres from flax were even found in linen used to wrap mummies in ancient Egypt.


Omega-3: Polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3's) are essential to health and are considered heart-healthy, good fats that have been associated with reducing inflammation and protecting the brain against aging.  Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 2 grams of omega-3.

Lignans:  Flaxseeds are the best source of lignans, which is a type of phytonutrient that has both plant oestrogen and antioxidant properties.  Scientists have studied flaxseed lignans for their breast cancer fighting abilities and their positive effect on systolic blood pressure.

Fiber: Just one tablespoon will provide 8% of your daily value of fiber.  But whole flaxseed are so small they can pass straight through your digestive tract whole leaving the nutrients unabsorbed.  For the best benefits either buy ground flax or get yourself a dedicated coffee grinder. 


I make a bottle of flaxseed gel once a month. I use it daily on my hair, nails, brows, lashes and skin. It's a very economical part of my beauty regime as I buy a 1kg bag of organic flaxseeds for around £6 and it lasts for ages. I get a lot of bottles of gel out of that bag!

Skin: This is the cheapest, best DIY I put on my skin! It completely absorbs into the skin in seconds leaving no residue at all. It is a staple part of my 4 step beauty regime. After my ACV toner and before my face oil/moisturiser I apply this gel using the push+press method. I also use it on my body after a shower before lotion/body oil. It is especially good for dry spots like my shins!

Nails: If you have weak, brittle nails you could be deficient in omega-3. This essential fatty acid nurtures the cells in the nail bed, prevents inflammation and aids in the absorption of other nutrients.

Lashes + Brows:  Flaxseed gel makes the best eyebrow gel! Get yourself a packet of spoolies and brush on lashes + brows daily.

Hair: If you have curls, flaxseed gel works great as a curl defining, leave-in conditioner.

Smoothie:  A spoonful of flax meal a day keeps my hair and nails in good condition. 

Add 1 Tbsp to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal or granola.  

I use this coffee grinder to mill enough flax for a week and store it in the fridge


A Quarter Cup of Organic Flaxseeds

600ml Bottled water

*A stocking to strain the gel from seeds*