"Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment, Not A Miracle" - Erno Laszlo

I don't have particularly strong nails but I'm 100% committed to having long, healthy nails.  That's why I love Erno Laszlo's quote from the 1920's.  If you are committed to your body and treat it well it will glow with health.  My nails are a testament to this, if I don't follow these tips religiously they get brittle, weak and end up breaking.  I tend to keep my nails shorter in the winter, so about 3 months ago it was time to get my summer nails back.  And this how is basically how i did it.  A list of the five main things I do to grow really strong, healthy nails, and also how I maintain them.


Nutra Nail Mineral Collection POWER GROWTH is a great product if you have very short nails that won't grow. I have used it on clients with great results.  As soon as your nails start to grow the most important thing you need to do is get yourself a good Nail Hardener.  This is the process I use that got me the results I have today. After my weekly manicure I apply a coat of nail hardener three or four times a day.  A coat when I wake up, again in the afternoon and always at bedtime. I do this for about a week, then I just apply one coat a day.  I know, it sounds like a lot!  But the idea is to give your nails  as much protection as possible.  And after 7-10 days I'll do a manicure and start all over again! I keep something on my nails at all times as other I risk breaking them.  If I'm going swimming I will apply a couple coats of nail polish on top of my strengthener or hardener as chlorinated water ruins my nails!  I swear by this method.  It's what got my nails to grow from short to long and stay that way!


If you have brittle, weak nails you need to nourish them, if you want them to grow. Feed you nails nutrients just like you do with your hair & skin. Rubbing cuticle oil into your nails and hands on a daily basis is incredibly strengthening.  I make my own organic cuticle oil with nourishing plant & essential oils high in vitamins, trace mineral, protein and essential fatty acids.  If you've not got time for DIY then I recommend Simon + Tom Nails + Cuticles Oil Saviour. It's got a good ingredient list and is formulated without any nasty parabens or synthetic ingredients.


Just like hair growth is increased with scalp stimulation, so too are your nails.  The area beneath the cuticle, under the nail bed is called the matrix.  This is where cells are keratinised to form the layers of the nail.  Any stimulation to this area is fantastic for nail growth! You will notice the difference in nail growth within days if you spend a couple minutes twice a day massaging cuticle oil into this area. Balayam yoga is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of rubbing the fingernails together to stimulate blood flow to the scalp to aid in hair growth.  I find this much more beneficial for my nails than my hair, but only because it needs to be carried out for much longer for hair growth!  I do balayam anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  It's a great way to get all the nutrients from your cuticle oil into your nails and skin while stimulating nail growth. 


Aava Labs Omega-3 Fish Oil

A balanced diet is key for healthy nail growth.  Organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, salmon and whey protein are just a few of the nutrient rich foods we should be eating daily.  But let's face it, it's not always easy to consume enough of these foods needed to help nail growth.  To be honest there's no way my nails would be in such great shape without supplements.  The number one supplement I recommend for nail growth is Pycnogenol / Pine Bark Extract.
Continued research shows that pine bark contains flavonols and bioflavonoids which hold tissue-repairing properties.  It stimulates blood flow along with many other benefits.  A few years ago I was advised to take pycnogenol by my alternative health doctor during recovery from an operation for faster healing.  I noticed that my nails grew really fast and looked really healthy after a few weeks. So I've continued taking it ever since!Another supplement I recommend is Omega-3 Fish Oil. I notice a big difference in my skin, hair and nails when I take essential fatty acids, either plant based or fish oil. It has many other health benefits too, such as lowering blood pressure, easing pms + boosting your memory. Studies have shown that omega-3 can even improve ADHD symptoms. I recommend Aava Labs Omega-3 Fish Oil to get the correct ratio of omega fatty acids. Plus it's non GMO and wild caught through sustainable fishing. 


Finally, on the road to beautiful, healthy, long nails, please don't use your nails as tools! Don't open cans with your nails. Pick sticky labels off. Attempt to get the key on or off the key ring. Hit the keyboard to type with your natural nails... Or any of the other things you may be guilty of. Using your nails as tools is the number one thing to weaken them, creating splits and tears leading to breaks. The second I completely stop using my nails for anything that could weaken them they stopped splitting and breaking and I got them all one length! Treat your nails with love and they will grow long and beautiful. And last of all never do the washing up - or any housework without rubber gloves!!